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Not All Clients Are Tech Savvy

[A version of this article was originally posted on theappleofmyi]. Spending time with friends and family, there can be a sudden realisation that you are not like them. What do you mean you don’t know what twitter is? You DON’T use a feed reader?! Spending time online, or working with fellow web-orientated people, means that […]

Ian Blowers Diamonds Launches

It is very encouraging to see a succesful and traditional business embrace the digital / online world, and one which is really spreading its web presence is Ian Blowers Jewellers. Having been establised for over 35 years, Ian Blowers and his son Mark, are reknown for provinding superlative customer service and having some truly amazing […]

Community Management

The online community is an active one, and so it makes a whole lot of sense to have someone within your company to monitor what is being said online. I’ve been following Jeremiah Owyang for a long time now – he is one of the biggest fans of Community Management and the actual position of […]