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Moving on from MobileMe

I was a MobileMe user up until about eighteen months ago. I used it for syncing calendar entries, addresses and email between my iPhone, Desktop and Laptop. Largely, it all worked pretty well, though there were a few things that I thought felt dated. The major issue however, was that every few months something ‘weird’ would happen…

The Hull Digital podcast launches

Better late than never, for your listening pleasure we have the very first Hull Digital Podcast! Why? There are a number of reasons for doing this, with one of the big reasons being FUN! Seriously, it’s great fun to do, and will be a learning curve in terms of professionalism, content and also the technology […]

So, who are you? Mac, PC, Linux…

An emotive question, no doubt about it. But one that is often a topic of conversation at the vast majority of any tech MeetUps, Open Coffee events and blogger get-togethers. Thinking about the technology, the raw computing power and the webapps we all take for granted these days, it is startling in the extreme to […]