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KC Lightstream

So, it’s arrived. KC Lightstream is here and being totally honest, it looks amazing. How about up to 100Mbps?! Kevin Walsh, the Chief Executive from KC announced: Our fibre deployment is the start of something special that local people can feel proud of. At its heart it’s an investment in the future of Hull and […]

Karoo and Kcom hitting the headlines

Over the past few weeks, the Google Alerts service has been steadily racking up alert after alert for the keywords Kcom and Karoo. We’ve never known such news coverage about our local ISP / teleco! There has been a huge amount of coverage around broadband in the UK, and also on our region over the […]

Karoo – something is in the air!

Karoo is the only viable broadband provider for many Hull Digital readers (folks that can get wireless or decent cellular broadband access are still in a very small minority I would say). Consequently there is a great deal of interest in the Karoo range of products and services, especially when we talk about faster broadband and fairer […]

Your City Needs You – Petition to Ofcom

Ofcom has consistently failed in its terms of reference and obligations in ensuring that the conditions for competition in the provision of electronic communication services exist within the Kingston upon Hull 01482 dialling code area under section 3b of the Telecommunications Act of 2003 detailed as “Ofcoms statutory obligations” This petition is force Ofcom into […]

Karoo Win Two Awards Shock

Karoo are Hull’s one and only broadband provider, and, the truth be known, one of the region’s biggest problems. With no choice, and essentially a monopoly, the people of Hull, normal familes and web gurus, are stuck with this ISP, leadng to a vocal volume of dissent. Their 8mb service is far from 8mb, although […]