Karoo Win Two Awards Shock

Karoo are Hull’s one and only broadband provider, and, the truth be known, one of the region’s biggest problems. With no choice, and essentially a monopoly, the people of Hull, normal familes and web gurus, are stuck with this ISP, leadng to a vocal volume of dissent. Their 8mb service is far from 8mb, although […]

Community Management

The online community is an active one, and so it makes a whole lot of sense to have someone within your company to monitor what is being said online. I’ve been following Jeremiah Owyang for a long time now – he is one of the biggest fans of Community Management and the actual position of […]

Hull Digital

If you are live in, or near Hull, and love the web and technology, then you’re in the right place. We are going to be keeping you uptodate on all the digital news in the region, whether new websites, online ventures, start-ups or events.