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Loving Vaultpress

Belt and braces is a term used for many things. Personally, when it comes to backing up websites, your computer, your files, media and memories, belt and braces and then some is what I’ve learnt to focus on. It’s a little similar to this… Question: What’s the best camera in the world? Answer: The one […]

Clever devices and an intelligent home

Our homes are getting clever and this, to us, has major implications over the coming years. Both in terms of being very, very useful and also great fun! Just imagine what it’s going to be like….. not too mention every day devices or ‘things’ are also gaining intelligence. Not quite Skynet yet, but it’s starting….. […]

So, who are you? Mac, PC, Linux…

An emotive question, no doubt about it. But one that is often a topic of conversation at the vast majority of any tech MeetUps, Open Coffee events and blogger get-togethers. Thinking about the technology, the raw computing power and the webapps we all take for granted these days, it is startling in the extreme to […]