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Success for Incentive Maker

Local developer and Hull Digital Developer Group Organiser John Polling is showing the way with cloud-based development. This is a fascinating guest post by him… read on! “The cloud” is a wonderful place for developing your own products It’s been just over 6 months since the Beta launch of Incentive Maker, a web based product […]

Fearful of your location?

Finally, Apple have actually said something official about the location data fiasco. I say fiasco, as for me at least, totally blown up out of proportion. For those of you who don’t know, it all blew up just over a week ago when people began to discover there was a location tracking database on their […]

The Digital Survey launches

“A chance to win an iPad?!” Yes!!! The Digital Survey launches today and you can help by filling it in…. >>> <<< Pigeon Post or Broadband? When it comes to broadband speeds in a rural area, the news story last week, about a race between a pigeon, carrying a USB Key over a distance […]