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January Hull Digital Meet Up

It’s long been my intention to launch and importanty maintain, a monthy meet up for anyone in Hull interested in web technologies, web designers and developers, entrepeneurs, VCs and online evangelists. The Hull Digital community is, I am sure, both great in number, and the desire to get together, grab a coffee and chat! At […]

Karoo Win Two Awards Shock

Karoo are Hull’s one and only broadband provider, and, the truth be known, one of the region’s biggest problems. With no choice, and essentially a monopoly, the people of Hull, normal familes and web gurus, are stuck with this ISP, leadng to a vocal volume of dissent. Their 8mb service is far from 8mb, although […]

Community Management

The online community is an active one, and so it makes a whole lot of sense to have someone within your company to monitor what is being said online. I’ve been following Jeremiah Owyang for a long time now – he is one of the biggest fans of Community Management and the actual position of […]