Karoo Apologises for Web Disruption

There is a very amusing thread happening over on the This is Hull and East Riding website about the internet disruption caused by Karoo last night.

Of particular note in the comments on the article is this one post by Hull Gold which seems to perfectly sum up the situation:

This was because like all proper cities Manchester has a vibrant, competitive market economy,.Unlike the outmoded, antiquated…& lets not forget… notorious, monopoly capitalist system of telephone & IT services which exists in Hull with KC.

This would simply NOT be tolerated anywhere else…and indeed it isn’t.

Hull will NEVER achieve top ten status as a city because aspiring new IT companies look at the system KC provides in Hull, have a good laugh ,and set up in another town or city that has moved forward into the 21st century.

Likewise, despite having a city of over 200,000 ,only a few thousand customers even bothered to sign the recent Downing Street on-line petition concerning KC monopoly’s.

The bold is our emphasis, as it rings very , very true – Hull is sadly lacking any really big corporate companies, bar Smith & Nephew and Reckitts and the city is in desperate need for them. With new business comes new people, with jobs who will drive the economy and local business. Without this, the city continues to struggle.

We are very keen to start making a lot more noise about this in 2009, and so do come along to the monthly MeetUp >> sign up now!

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