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We love Fudge Restaurant

Fudge Restaurant has been a local neighbourhood favourite in Princes Avenue, Hull, East Yorkshire for the past 6 years, and we are very fond of them too! A small independently owned restaurant with a passionate team (known to the regulars as Team Fudge!) the restaurant has an addictive personality, a friendly feel and is driven […]

Isolation is not good for business

Hull has always been different and this is by no means a criticism. We must celebrate diversity and difference, it’s what makes us culturally rich however points of difference should be communicated, debated and argued in democratic society even if concession and compromise result. And it is through this discussion and debate that ideas are formed, circulated and agreed upon. Sounds sensible doesn’t it?

Hull Gamer

Gaming. From the iPhone, to Xbox 360, gaming is still big news (and we’re looking forward to Call of Duty Black Ops and Medal of Honour Tier One coming out this autumn!). We recently caught up with Gavin Borthwick from the up and coming site, Hull Gamer. “HullGamer plans to bring together the gamers of […]

HDLive Update – launching very soon

It’s all go. 8 speakers confirmed (and yes, I’m still super excited about the lineup, and the fact that they’re coming to Hull!). One extra speaker to confirm very soon, and I really hope she does. The venue is just stunning – perfect for the event. Looking at getting some extra special refreshments sorted out […]