HDLive 2012 videos are here!

I’m delighted to say that the HDLive videos are now live and online over at our Vimeo channel! Matt over at EON media and his team have done an incredible job taking hours of footage and combining them with the speaker’s slides to produce some brilliant films of the sessions. There is some terrific content here […]

Printing Revolution

Technology makes me smile. Especially things like the Makerbot. Thinking back to my childhood, never in a million years would I think that we could have a (relatively) inexpensive machine, that could print things. Stuff. Objects. Sitting on a desk. In your own office or house. Quite amazing. I’ve been loosely following the progress of […]

HDLive review

This is a guest post from John Meehan of Meehan Media. You can follow John on Twitter here. Is Hull connected? Is it a buzzing place? Can it counter the increasing concentration of economic activity in and around London? These were some of the questions posed by BBC Radio 4 and Dragons’ Den presenter Evan […]